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ADULT CLASSES (Evening Classes Only):
                                 Monday              Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday
                             6:00-8:00            4:00-6:00              6:00-8:00                 4:00-6:00

YOUTH CLASSES (Evening Classes):
                              Monday              Tuesday             Wednesday             Thursday
     Schedule B:  5:30-6:00PM         6:00-6:30              5:30-6:00                 6:00-6:30
     Schedule A:  5:30-6:15PM         6:00-6:45              5:30-6:15                 6:00-6:45
            (Schedule B is for the ages 4-7  and  Schedule A is for the ages 8-11)

CANE-FU CLASSES (Evening Classes):
                                                           Tuesday                                               Thursday
                                                           3:00-4:00                                               3:00-4:00

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Cane Masters

Lodi News-Sentinel.........

   Galt Martial Arts Class Empowers Seniors

  By Bea Ahbeck/News-Sentinel Chief Photographer | Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2016,    11:38 pm


  BEA AHBECK/NEWS-SENTINEL Master Stan Toscano demonstrates cane-fu moves during the Cane-Fu          self-defense and fitness class at Iron Dragon Tactical School of Self Defense in Galt Thursday, 2/18/16.

 GALT — On a drizzly Thursday afternoon, two senior ladies and a man in his late 50's swing their canes       around with great precision,  striking different self-defense positions and holding them steady and             strong.

 “There, go to the half guard. Look behind you, look behind you! Is it safe?” an instructor yells. “Get  yourself in a still and ready position, because you’re ready, you’re ready to quickly get to your car, and         quickly dial 911 if necessary.”

 The seniors are participating in a self-defense class that utilizes an unorthodox weapon — a walking  cane.

 Called Cane-Fu, the American Cane System — now in its 10th year — teaches what some call true                  “street-style” self-defense, or using the  cane to ward of an attacker.

 Master Stan Toscano, who is leading the class, has extensive experience in self-defense and martial arts.   He also has 30 years of law  enforcement experience, having taught self-defense tactics and  firearms   training.

 His passion for Cane-Fu is evident when he talks about the training and how it helps the seniors he  trains.

 “I feel passionate about this,” Toscano said. “You can feel empowered, you don’t have to feel that  you          are vulnerable, and you don’t have to look and feel like you’re a target. You’re not.”

 Toscano says the training helps seniors stay fit, build flexibility, and perhaps more importantly, gain  more confidence.

 “It makes them feel a little more comfortable and gives them more confidence to be in public,”  Toscano      said. “It’s also a great opportunity for seniors to get out and network with other people. It  brings them        out of the house.”

  Linda Dulaney, 68, is in her third year of Cane-Fu classes, and credits the class with improving her                 stamina.  “I was becoming a couch potato. The class gets you moving — he takes us through cycles to         get the heart rate up,” Dulaney said, adding that the class has made her more aware of her                           surroundings.  “Wherever I go, he’s in my head.”

  Toscano teaches the seniors that the best line of self-defense is to “not be there, and if you are, pay             attention. You have the power to drive  away or walk away.”

  Toscano, 60, says the cane doesn’t just have to function as a support for walking, it can also be a  tool to     help maintain your health and fitness.

 “If you use the cane to strengthen and exercise then maybe you won’t have to use a cane quite as early.      It is a beautiful tool for folks to feel empowered. It fights what is gonna be inevitable — we get  older.”

Intuitive Self-Defense
Hosted by the Iron Dragon's

​ This  2 HOUR  SEMINAR is designed to meet women's specific needs regarding  personal   safety and self-defense on the streets, work, or at home.  We will also cover situational   awareness and  avoidance, basic strikes, escapes, common grabs/holds and crime   prevention.  The goal is to empower you through  knowledge and  understanding of   what goes on emotionally and a psychologically during a confrontation.  Defensive  moves don't have to be hard, learn basic every day moves  that will slow down an   attacker long enough for you to get  away.  Learn the mindset  needed to survive.

  DISCUSSION  -   * Personal Safety for College Students                       
                               * The Modus Operandi of Criminals    
                               * Dorm, Campus, Dating Safety
                               * Needed Mindset
                               * Physical Self-Defense & Protection
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