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....Les Brown

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Intuitive Self-Defense
Hosted by the Iron Dragon's

​ This  2 HOUR  SEMINAR is designed to meet women's specific needs regarding  personal   safety and     self-defense on the streets, work, or at home.  We will also cover situational   awareness and  avoidance,   basic strikes, escapes, common grabs/holds and crime   prevention.  The goal is to empower you through  knowledge and  understanding of   what goes on emotionally and a psychologically durina confrontation.  Defensive  moves don't have to be hard, learn basic every day moves  that will slow down an attacker   long enough for you to get  away.  Learn the mindset  needed to survive.

  DISCUSSION  -   * Personal Safety for College Students                       
                                     * The Modus Operandi of Criminals    
                                     * Dorm, Campus, Dating Safety
                                     * Needed Mindset
                                     * Physical Self-Defense & Protection
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                     *KENPO KARATE *          * AMERICAN CANE MASTERS  CANE-FU *           * KUBOTAN SELF DEFENSE *                                         * KIDS SAFE CLASSES *         * CHARTER SCHOOLS - P.E. *          *P.O.S.T. CERTIFIED INSTRUCTION *