The style of Martial Arts for all students primarily will be Kenpo.  As a student continues to progress in their Base Art, other Arts will be introduced as part of their curriculum to enhance their Base Art and increase their learning curve.  We  develop students minds and bodies by promoting essential motor skills.  Some skills are;  strengthening your coordination, balance, strength and flexability through Martial Arts movements.  Other skills learned are discipline, respect, self esteem, confidence, and focusing through positive social interaction.  Weapons of variety will be introduced in different phases of training. 
Cane Masters classes, certified from Grand Master Shuey, are provided here.  The American Cane System has been recognized as a true street-style self-defense system that can be taught along side any other Martial Arts discipline that utilizes weapons as a part of their curriculum.  Cane-Fu contains the most efficient and effective exercises and self-defense techniques from the American Cane System.  The modalities are easy to learn and will instill a sense of confidence, as well as a higher level of health, to those who are willing to devote the time to practice them on a regular basis.
Our school is a proud member of the Carter Schools in the Sacramento and San Joaquin county areas.  We provide Physical Education for Home School students of all ages.  Our system doesn't compare to the type of physical training you receive in the public school programs.  We are currently a member of four schools in the area.  Please give us a call if you are interested in attending this school for your Physical Education.  (Visions, South Sutter, Horizon, Connecting Waters, and Rio Valley Charter Schools are our most current)  We are also willing to add your school to our list so you may attend.
This school is also a part of the Kid-Safe Network, a division of the National Security Allowance, Inc.  Master Toscano's leadership and background, with over 30 years in Law Enforcement, and the Safety Seminar for Kids by Parents are an invaluable resource for keeping your families safe.  We include safety issues in our classes, and also provide a Kids-Safe
Class for kids of all ages.  The classes can be provided at our school or a facility of your choice.      Let us help you keep your kids safe!
The Kubotan Self Defense class is a 3 hour class that teaches you several quick moves to stop an attacker and escape a negative situation.  You also learn situational awareness, what look for, and what to do.  This is a class for everyone to take so you can feel safe where ever you're at.  Get a group of people together and call us to set up a day to attend this knowledgeable class.  It's a MUST-TAKE class.
Master Toscano has obtained his life-time teaching credentials from the State of California.  He is a P.O.S.T. Certified Instructor, a Firearms, Chemical Agents, Impact Weapons, Defensive Tactics, Weaponless Self Defense and ASP Instructor, plus much more. He has completed many Academy courses from FBI, Monadnock, The Exec Protections High Risk Environment Weapons Handgun Training Course, and is currently instructing at the Delta College Extended Police Academy.  We also help promote                                    and participate in the Neighborhood Watch Protection Awareness functions within the community.